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New Hampshire Dive Spots

Looking for fun local dives? Look no further! Here's our list of favorite dive spots nearby in the Isles of Shoals:

Seal Cove & Mingo Rock

  • Location: Southeast side of Duck Island
  • Special Features: In spring and early summer, seals will visit the area and swim with divers
  • Hazards: Lobster boats. Area was once a military target area; divers have found unexploded shells.
  • Depth: ~40 ft in Seal Cove, ~90 ft around Mingo Rock
  • Currents: Slight in Seal Cove. Tidal as well as wind current around Mingo Rock.

Babbs Rock

  • Location: In a small bay on the west side of Appledore island, near the Shoals Marine Laboratory
  • Special Features: Shoreline is ledge which descends to a sand and gravel bottom with occasional protruding ledges. On the north side of the area, the remains of a WWII pier provide spectacular view of flora and fauna. Only a snorkel is needed by the pier.
  • Hazards: Westerly winds can cause serious sea conditions. Area is frequented by lobster, recreational, and research boats.
  • Depth: Generally less than 50 ft, but can go as deep as 90 feet further off shore.
  • Currents: Not a problem except that a surge can occur from the sea and swell in shallow areas. Slight tidal currents as well as wind current on the surface.

Cedar Island

  • Location: Southeast side of Cedar Island
  • Special Features: Beautiful plant life that is ideal for photography. Bottom is a mixture of rocks and sand.

Pyramid Valley

  • Location: Southeast side of Cedar and Smuttynose Islands
  • Special Features: The cove contains rocks, crevices, and small rock formations that resemble pyramids as well as a great deal of sea life.
  • Hazards: Lobster boats.
  • Depth: To 25 ft in the cove, to 60 ft at the mouth of the cove.
  • Currents: Occasional wind current on the surface.

Cedar Island Ledge

  • Location: ~700 yards southeast of Cedar Island
  • Special Features: The depth drops dramatically to well over 100 feet. The bottom consists of an interesting grouping of ledge, boulders, and large granite slabs which form caves. Flora and fauna abound.
  • Hazards: Area exposed to weather from the north, east, and south. The ledge rises to the surface, so the site must be approached with caution. Lobster and recreational boats frequent the area. Heavy anchor needed.
  • Depth: To 140 ft
  • Currents: The surge from the sea and swell in shallow areas. The tidal currents can be moderately strong.

Gosport Harbor

  • Location: Northwest side of Star Island.
  • Special Features: The bottom is mud and gravel, but the area is noted for clay pipes, bottles, and other artifacts.
  • Hazards: Lobster buoys and extremely heavy boat traffic.
  • Depth: To 60 ft
  • Currents: Slight

Great Island Common

  • Location: Route 1B, Newcastle
  • Special Features: Great for easy diving and family get-togethers.
  • Directions: From Route 1A in Portsmouth, turn onto Route 1B North, follow for 1.9 miles. The park will be on your right, the sign is placed at an angle difficult to see when coming from this direction. There is a fee to enter during the summer. Once inside, park in the second parking lot.

Jimmies Ledge

  • Location: Northeast side of Duck Island
  • Special Features: All ledge and very clear bottom. Occasional seal activity.
  • Hazards: Lobster boats
  • Depth: To 50 ft
  • Currents: Tidal and wind currents.

Devil's Gorge

  • Location: Southeast side of Appledore Island
  • Special Features: Plenty of sea life and vegetation. Ideal for photography.
  • Hazards: Heavy boat traffic.
  • Depth: To 35 ft
  • Currents: Slight. Occasional surge from sea and swell.

Appledore Cove

  • Location: Northeast side of Appledore Island
  • Special Features: Also known as Broad Cove, the area is well protected and contains a variety of sea life as well as ledges and a sandy bottom.
  • Hazards: Lobster boats.
  • Depth: To 70 ft
  • Currents: Slight